P.J. Berman

I am honored to introduce Peter J. Berman, author of Vengeance of Hope!

Let’s start with Vengeance of Hope — Berman summarizes his plot as follows:

What Silrith Alfwyn does know is that she is heir to the throne of Bennvika. What she doesn’t know is that her peaceful world is about to be turned upside down and torn apart. Battle lines will be drawn, scores will be settled, and history will be made. Once a Princess, always a warrior Queen.

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Now for the author — P.J.Berman grew up in Hertfordshire, England. Since then, after a brief but enjoyable period living in Plymouth, Devon, he has settled in the beautiful Welsh countryside of Carmarthenshire, along with his wife, their baby daughter and their crazy Labrador. Given where he has lived, he’s probably one of the few people to be a fan of both Stevenage Football Club and the Scarlets. When it comes to reading, he is a big fan of both fantasy and historical fiction, with Joe Abercrombie and Simon Scarrow being two particular favorite authors of his.

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