Scholarly Works

My academic writings explore how political and strategic theory works in practice. I wrote my first academic book on military logistics, the most practical aspect of waging war. In other books, I draw on my long-standing interest in China to explore the ongoing rise of the People’s Republic. I have authored eight academic books, co-authored a ninth, co-edited a three-volume series on contemporary China and published many shorter pieces.

Free Articles

For those seeking a quick introduction to my scholarship, several of my articles are available free online from Parameters, the journal of the US Army War College.

“China’s ‘Power-Projection’ Capabilities,”

“Dragon or Dinosaur? Nuclear Weapons in a Modernizing China,”

(Co-authored with Dr. Lawrence W. Serewicz), “China’s Hunger: The Consequences of a Rising Demand for Food and Energy,”

(Co-authored with Dr. Kevin L. Falk), “The Maginot Mentality In International Relations Models,”

Selected Books

Strategy: Key Thinkers.

(Co-authored with David J. Lonsdale) Understanding Contemporary Strategy.

Military Logistics and Strategic Performance.

Chinese Grand Strategy and Maritime Power.

Ancient China on Postmodern War.

Emerging Conflicts of Principle.

Theoretical Roots of US Foreign Policy.