Mara of the League

When eleven-year old Mara Bennet tries to rescue her favorite aunt from witch-hunters, she finds herself plunged into international intrigue. As she broods on her experiences, she develops insights into her country’s politics which terrify even adults. She spends a lifetime trying to warn others of the dangers she has foreseen. This is a story of war, espionage, street protest and grand strategy. It also emphasizes Mara’s inner life, exploring her friendships, her changing relationships with her parents, her reflections on freedom and her attempts to establish an identity in a world where she seldom fits in.

This series consists of four books, following Mara’s adventures from childhood to middle age.

Book One: The Witches of Crannock Dale

When an enemy army threatens eleven-year old Mara’s home, she makes up her mind to save her family, one way or another. But when the knights protecting her village arrest her favorite aunt for witchcraft, she discovers that the difference between friend and foe may not be as obvious as she once thought.

This is a story of war and espionage, set in a low fantasy world. It is also about a child getting to know her mother and father in a new way.

Cover painting by Robin M. Birrell. Design by Tallulah van der Made.

witches front cover ebook 2

Book Two: The Rebels of Caer City

Now available in paperback and as e-book—The Rebels of Caer City!

Throughout five years at a strict boarding school, Mara has turned to her friend Annie-Rose for comfort. Now Annie has disappeared. Mara teams up with two other students – bold Gretchen and soft-spoken Ginny – to find her missing friend. Together, Mara, Gretchen and Ginny take on a conspiracy involving some of the most dangerous people in their world.



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Book Three: The Hideous Garden – Coming Autumn 2020

As Mara reaches middle age, her country, the League of Caerlande, becomes embroiled in a war to put down a foreign rebellion. Orlando, the League’s honorable ruler, tries to make peace. Mara warns him he is walking into a trap. Meanwhile, as Mara argues for increasingly ruthless policies, she must ask herself whether she likes the person she has become.


Book Four: The Rending of the World – Coming Summer 2021

All Mara’s life, she has feared a full-scale war between her country and the powerful kingdom of Waan. Now, that war seems close to breaking out. Mara, however, is stranded in a remote northern town and accused of plotting a murder. Before she can try to save her homeland, she must save herself.